About Us

In 1947, our Papaw opened the Dreamland Drive-In in Asheville, NC.  Years later, he passed down the business to our father, Joe Pless, who shaped our lives and taught us how to celebrate special occasions with style. Dad never missed a chance to have fun with his family and friends.  Party Blvd opened its doors in 2007 on the same promise that our father taught us many years ago… to always welcome guests to our home with open arms!

What’s in the Name?

Our customers often ask us how we came up with our name.  The concept behind Party Blvd. began with the idea that each aisle would be named after a treasured family memory. When you visit our store, you’ll see large street signs at the crossing of each of our aisles that take you on an awesome journey. Browse our huge inventory and you’ll surely find a treasure along the way!

We Believe…

Throughout our childhood, our family home was the hub of the neighborhood. Our mom and dad hosted every type of party imaginable, including cookouts after ballgames, 4th of July celebrations, scouting events, and church socials. We learned at an early age about the importance of caring for our community.

For this reason, our family loves the 50’s, which was a simpler, safer, and happier time.  We still remember freshly made popcorn, funny movies, and laughter echoing through the rows of the Drive-In.

This is the image we want to bring to you while you shop at Party Blvd.  Most importantly, we’re excited about helping you plan special memories with your own families.  Welcome to our home away from home!

Debbie & Mike Harris ~ Judy & Dusty Pless