Gather your friends for a 4th of July party that’s fun for the whole family!  Check out our tips for festive decorations, retro party games, and red, white, and blue refreshments to get your Independence Day party started.

Patriotic Decorations for Your 4th of July Party

Party Blvd has everything you need for 4th of July party decorations!  Let guests know they’ve found the party with patriotic wind-wheels and red, white, and blue balloons out front.  Set up an impressive party table by layering red and blue tablecloths, then fill Mason jars with American flags for centerpieces.  Twist and tape up red, white, and blue crepe paper everywhere for a big impact, low cost decoration, or step it up a notch and hang red, white, and blue paper lanterns over the party area.  








4th of July Party Food and Drinks

A 4th of July party is the perfect occasion to fire up the grill!  Set up a hotdog or hamburger stand with all the fixin’s so guests can serve themselves.  

Put the kids to work making “sparkler” fruit kabobs.  Load blueberries onto a thin wooden skewer, then top with a star-shaped piece of watermelon. 

Make an impressive fruit tray with cut fruit arranged like a flag; use blueberries for the blue, strawberries or watermelon cubes for the red, and banana slices or cheese cubes for the white.  Be sure to take a picture before it gets devoured!  

Layer strawberries (or raspberries), yogurt, and blueberries to make red, white, and blue parfaits that kids are sure to love.  

For drinks, display a cooler full of natural red and blue sodas in clear bottles (like Jones or Izze), or serve sparkling water over strawberries and blueberries.  Bonus points for making star shaped ice cubes!


4th of July Party Games for the Whole Family

If your 4th of July guest list includes neighbors with kids, why not plan a parade around the neighborhood? Encourage guests to wear red, white, and blue, and have plenty of props for guests to add to their outfits. Set up a bike decorating station with crepe paper and other red, white, and blue decorations so kids can deck out their rides.

You can have a lot of good old-fashioned field day fun without leaving your backyard!  With minimal preparation, you can have a three-legged race (tie one partner’s right leg to the other’s left) or a wheelbarrow race (one partner holds the other’s feet while they walk on their hands).  Slightly more prep work can get you a water balloon tossing contest where partners stand facing each other in two lines, toss a water balloon, then step back and do it again until it pops and they’re out.  Tie participants’ hands behind their backs for a hilarious (and photo-worthy!) watermelon eating contest, or spray paint circles on the lawn for a fun game of outdoor Twister!

Once it starts to get dark, break out the sparklers!  These tiny fireworks will add a magical touch to your evening for kids and adults alike.  Light them up for a sing-along of the national anthem for a meaningful end to your party.

With some patriotic decorations, simple but impressive red, white, and blue refreshments, and nostalgia-inducing field day games, you can throw a 4th of July party your friends and family will be talking about for weeks.  Stop by for your party decorations and photo props and have a great 4th of July!