A dragon birthday party can be great fun for a little knight or princess.  Borrow these dragon party ideas for a birthday party full of exciting, fiery fun!

Dragon Party Decorations

Make things easy on yourself with our collection of dragon party birthday supplies.  Keep it simple with just the dragon-themed tableware and balloons, or go all out and add the banner, party hats, ceiling spinners, noisemakers, and more!  Hang tissue paper poufs in red and yellow from the ceiling for fireballs.  Want to DIY?  Try decorating with green balloons and orange and yellow streamers.

Eats and Treats (or, How to Feed Your Dragon)dragon_claw_cookies

Delight your guests with sweet and savory dragon snacks.  For amazing “dragon eggs,” hard boil eggs (if you can’t find dragon, chicken will do), then roll them on the counter so the shells develop lots of small cracks.  Soak the eggs in water mixed with food coloring (blue and green look great) in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, then peel.  Voila!  Dragon eggs.

Display red, orange, and yellow bell pepper slices on a tray to look like flames, and kids may even eat their vegetables!

Pour out a bag of potato chips and label them “dragon scales.”  It doesn’t get any easier.

For awesome dragon claw cookies using nutter butters, check out this recipe from Gourmet Mom on the Go!

Fun Activities for a Dragon Party

Even the littlest partygoers can make fun foam dragon feet.  Trace their feet onto colorful foam sheets, then cut a shape a little larger for the dragon feet, with toes on the ends.  Trace a cup to draw a circle where the ankle will go, and cut a slit on the back so guests can slip them on.  Guests can decorate the dragon feet with foam toenails, or draw scales with glitter glue.

Pick up our dragon-themed photobooth props for awesome photo ops!  Tape up a sheet or just find a blank wall for a backdrop and designate a photographer to document some serious dragon party silliness!

Put guests’ energy to good use with a game of Dragon Tag.  Line kids up with their hands on the waist of the person in front of them and give a dragon party hat to the kid in front—they’ll be the head.  The dragon’s “head” tries to catch its “tail,” the last person in line, without anyone letting go of the person in front of them!  When the “head” catches the “tail,” they become the new tail and the next person in line becomes the head.

Good luck planning your dragon party!  We know your little knight or princess will have a flaming good time!