It’s almost time for the Super Bowl!  Whether or not you’re a football fan, the Super Bowl is a great excuse to hang out with friends.  If you’re ready to tackle throwing a Super Bowl party, our quick start guide will make party planning a snap!

SuperBowlPartyDecorationsSuper Bowl Decorations

Unless you want your party to be a neutral zone, decorating in your team’s colors is an obvious choice.  For safety, rush over to Party Blvd. or give us a call to reserve your team decorations ASAP!  Using tableware and balloons in your team colors will make decorating easy.

For a quick and easy football-themed touch, use yellow napkins and label them “penalty flags.”

If you want to get crafty, for an extra point, you can make PVC goalposts (see directions from and display them on AstroTurf!  These would make great decorations for a snack table, and are sure to impress.

Party Food for the Super Bowl

Kickoff your Super Bowl party with football themed snacks that work well for holding while walking around.  Add a few snips of chives to deviled eggs (recipe here courtesy of in the shape of football seams for an easy finger food that’s sure to go fast. 

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If you want to go all out, construct a snack stadium!  Use a large foil tray in the center for the football field; fill with guacamole and make lines with sour cream for a realistic look.  Then surround your field with slanted stands cut from thin cardboard boxes.  (You’ve probably got some around from the sodas and crackers you bought for the party anyway.) Fill each pocket with a different snack (e.g., chips, celery sticks, pretzels, popcorn), and your stadium is ready for the big game! 

There will likely be a blitz for the food table at halftime, when you may want to put out heartier fare, such as subs or pizza.

For the second half of the game, put out some desserts.  We have two cupcake options for you—easy and easier.  For the easy option, make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and pipe on some white lines for football seams.

If that sounds like too much work, simply frost cupcakes in your team colors. The Food Network has created exact food color recipes for every NFL team (view here).

Make sure your refreshments aren’t blocking the TV, and all the better if the game is still audible from the snack table!

Super Bowl Party Games

Obviously the main activity at a Super Bowl party is watching the game, but for those who are just there for the camaraderie and commercials, we have a couple of game ideas for you. 

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Commercial Bingo is the first, and it takes a little prep work, but minimal effort to play.  Print blank bingo cards, then fill in the squares with items you’re likely to see during Super Bowl commercials.  Ideas include “puppy,” “baby,” “beach,” “meme from a year ago,” “celebrity from the ‘90s,” etc.  You could also leave the cards blank and have guests fill them in themselves before the game starts. We created a half blank one for you to use (Print Here).

This next game requires very little prep work, and it’s great for kids!  Divide your guests into small groups, write the names of big brands (e.g., Doritos, Ford, Coca-Cola) on slips of paper, and SuperBowlCommercialBingo_Freehave each group draw a name.  The group then has to come up with a commercial for that brand and act it out.  Guests will be scrambling to come up with hilarious ideas!

Even if you don’t know anything about football, there’s no need to worry – you won’t fumble your Super Bowl party.  Before the decorations are down, guests will be planning to return next year.  Follow these tips and your party is sure to be a touchdown


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