Does your daughter dream of being Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or Supergirl? You don’t need superpowers to host a fantastically fun DC Super Hero Girls party—just a little creativity!

Decorations for a DC Super Hero Girls PartyDC_Super_Hero_Girls_Decorations

Set the stage with red, yellow, and blue decorations to match the costumes of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl. Paper streamers are cheap and easy; twist and drape them all over to make a big impression on a budget. Tissue paper poufs in party colors look great hanging from the ceiling, or hang our DC Super Hero Girls medallions to really play up your theme.

Set a festive table with our DC Super Hero Girls themed tablecloth, cups, and plates, or just use solid ones in primary colors.


DC Super Hero Girls Party Food

For an easy snack or meal, make sandwiches of your choice and use a cookie cutter to cut them into stars like the one on Wonder Woman’s tiara. 

This Wonder Woman fruit tray looks super impressive yet easy to put together! wonder_woman_fruit_tray

Even if you’re a novice baker, you can still bake a super hero themed birthday cake. Simply make three round cake layers in red, yellow, and blue, then layer them with white icing. Decorate the top with figurines or picks topped with DC Super Hero Girls pictures or comic book speech balloons (e.g., “Pow!”). 

Fun Things to Do at a DC Super Hero Girls Party

As guests arrive, put them to work making their own Super Hero Girls costumes. Toilet paper tubes cut in half and then split lengthwise become superhero cuffs with the addition of glitter, colored paper, and DC Super Hero Girls logos. Staple elastic to felt to make tiaras or masks. (Pre-cut these for younger kids and let them add decorations.)

Wonder_Woman_Face_PaintEnlist an artistic adult or older sibling to run a Super Hero Girls face painting station. Painting on a Wonder Woman tiara is pretty quick and easy and lots of fun!

Once your guests have transformed into superheroes, play a game that lets them get into character.  Guests move like superheroes while the DJ plays upbeat music, then when the DJ pauses the music, the superheroes freeze immediately. Anyone who moves after the music stops is out.

If your guests are into LEGOs, buy two identical small DC Super Hero Girls LEGO sets, divide guests into two teams, and race to see who can complete their set the fastest.

DC Super Hero Girls Party Favors

DC_Super_Hero_Girls_FavorsWant to send guests home with a token of your appreciation? Put together a goodie bag with small DC Super Hero Girls toys, or just any small toys in red, yellow, and blue. For a particularly useful gift, you could buy tiny flashlights in primary colors and glue a small black paper bat to the light end. (Use a drop of hot glue to make it easily removable.) You could also forgo the goodie bag and make a goodie tube instead by filling a toilet paper tube with the favors, then wrapping it in red, blue, or yellow tissue paper and tying the ends with ribbon.

You may not be faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you can be a hero to the birthday girl by throwing a DC Super Hero Girls party she won’t soon forget!