Treat your guests to some Nintendo nostalgia at a Super Mario party!  Super Mario is a perfect all ages theme, whether your kids know him as the slickly animated character on their Wii or you have fond memories of controlling a pixelated Mario on your Nintendo circa 1990.  We’ve collected great ideas for Super Mario party decorations, treats, and activities.  As they say in the game, “Let’s go!”

Decorate for a Super Mario Party

It isn’t hard to turn your party into Super Mario World!  Start with a color scheme of red, yellow, blue, and green, and choose balloons, streamers, tablecloths, and paper plates in those colors.  You can also use our Super Mario branded tableware and decorations!  Remember the stars that give Mario invincibility?  Recreate those with yellow or gold star-shaped helium balloons and add two strips of black tape for eyes.  Make your own gold coins guests can jump up and grab by stapling two paper plates together, painting them gold, and hanging them from the ceiling.  Don’t forget those pesky piranha plants!  To make your own, put round white stickers on a red balloon and attach it to a green stem made of painted PVC pipe.


Super Mario Themed Refreshments 

Impress your guests with these Super Mario themed refreshments!  A little artful arranging can turn a veggie tray into a Super Mario flower like this one, courtesy of Twin Dragonfly Designs.  Use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches into star shapes.  Turn the tables on those piranha plants and eat them instead by making fruit kebob sticks with green grapes for the stems and a strawberry on top for the business end.  Represent the blue skies of Super Mario world with these easy and splendid JELL-O cloud parfait cups.  For an easy cake option, make cupcakes that look like Super Mario mushrooms with red or green icing and white candy melts stuck on for spots.                                      

SuperMarioVeggieTray SuperMarioCloudParfait


 Super Mario Party Games

Keep your guests running around with these fun Super Mario party games!  Younger kids will enjoy hunting for Yoshi eggs (aka, those plastic Easter eggs you have in your closet, plus some colored dot stickers).  Fill the eggs with gold coin chocolate candies to add a little incentive!

All ages can enjoy throwing fireballs (aka, Cheetos balls) at piranha plants. Turn it into a competition for older players.  (Thanks to Bless this Mess for the photo!)SuperMarioGame

When guests really need to get some energy out, have them stomp the goombas! Make these unfriendly brown mushrooms using brown balloons and draw their faces with a Sharpie (or print out goomba faces and tape them on if you’re feeling fancy), then strew them around the yard and let kids stomp and pop as many as they can.  You can also hide gold coin candies in these before you blow them up.

These tips should help you have a blast at your retro Nintendo Super Mario party! (You’re singing the Super Mario song in your head now, aren’t you?  You’re welcome.)