Sure, Frozen may have come out in 2013, but chances are good your little one can’t “let it go.” Use that beautiful icy setting and infectious soundtrack to your advantage with our Frozen themed party games, decorations, snacks, and an easy DIY birthday cake! Whether you’re throwing your first Frozen birthday party or your third, we have ideas to make it the best Frozen party your guests attend all month!

frozendecoratingideasDecorating for a Frozen Party

Set the scene with a color scheme of frosty white and blue and accent colors of purple and pink. Carry these colors through your party with bunches of balloons and paper streamers. Set a beautiful table with our collection of Frozen paper plates and tableware! Make your party table into a snowy landscape by spreading polyfill around your cake or other centerpiece. Want to hear the kids squeal with delight? Pick up a cardboard standup of Elsa and Anna and take photos of the guests with their favorite Frozen characters.

Frozen Party Eats and Drinks

Kids will ooh and aah over sticks of blue and white rock candy that look like ice crystals! For another Frozen treat, make blocks of “ice” by preparing blue JELL-O in a shallow pan so that it’s about an inch deep, then cut into cubes. Up to preparing a slightly more ambitious sweet treat? Try popcorn snowballs! Pour melted white chocolate over plain popcorn and roll into balls, then add blue or silver sprinkles.

For healthier refreshments, re-brand carrot sticks, pretzels, and apple slices as “Sven’s Reindeer Snacks.”

If you’re serving a meal, have kids decorate their own snowman pizzas! Cut out small circles of pizza dough ahead of time (or save time and use english muffins) and let guests put three circles together and decorate them with shredded mozzarella for snow and small pieces of veggies to make faces and buttons. The pizza decorating makes a fun activity, and the pizzas only need about ten minutes to bake.

Making a Frozen Cake

It’s not hard to make a Frozen birthday cake your kid will love! Make a blue cake (either by adding food coloring to a white cake or just buying a blue velvet cake mix) and use white icing, then cover in sweetened shredded coconut for snow. Clean off one of the Elsa figurines you probably already have around the house and put her on top or use one of our Frozen cake toppers. If you bought rock candy for the party, stick a few of those behind her. BOOM. Done.

Fun Frozen Party Activities

Younger kids will love making and playing with pretend snow at your Frozen party!  Do they want to build a snowman? Yes, yes they do. Just mix two boxes of cornstarch and one can of shaving cream for plenty of squishy fun! (You’ll probably want to make a double batch and plan this activity for outside, or at least away from your favorite rug.)

Older crafty kids can make their own princess crowns out of metallic pipe cleaners and clear pony beads, then wear them at the party!

Get a little retro with a game of musical chairs! You probably played it as a kid, but it’s possible your own kids never have. Press play on your favorite upbeat song from Frozen (Fixer Upper would be perfect!) and let the scrambling for chairs begin!

Piñatas are always a “hit” at birthday parties, and our snowflake-shaped Frozen piñata will fit right in with your theme!

Frozen Party Favors

For party favors, consider small blue or white containers of bubbles, plastic jewelry in blue, purple, or pink, packets of hot chocolate, or snowflake cookie cutters. Check out our selection of party favors to fill your piñata or gift bags (or frozen hands)!

So there are some ideas for a fresh take on a Frozen birthday party! We hope you and your kid have a blast!