With the release of Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Star Wars is hotter than ever! We have ideas to help you throw a Star Wars birthday party your little Jedi knight will love.

Decorations for a Star Wars Party

Use a color scheme of black, white, grey, and royal blue to evoke the feeling of a galaxy far, far away! Bunches of balloons and streamers in these colors will help set the stage. Our Star Wars cardboard stand-ups will be the talk of your party! Choose from several characters (including a Stormtrooper, BB-8, and Chewbacca) or group a few together for an awesome photo op.

Setting a great-looking party table is a snap with our Star Wars Rebels tableware!

Make a huge (and cheap!) backdrop for your cake table or party pics by buying a black plastic tablecloth and spattering it with small drops of white paint. Once fully dried, hang it on the wall to create the illusion of distant stars in deep space.

Star Wars Party Food

Looking for reasonably healthy Star Wars themed snacks that kids will be excited to eat?  Try your hand at making light saber grape kebabs!  Wrap the bottom few inches of a kebab skewer with duct tape, then skewer green or red grapes onto the other end and watch kids race to the table to grab some fruit.

Turn any trail mix or Chex mix into Star Wars party food with the addition of tiny light sabers! Just dip small pretzel sticks 2/3 of the way into red or blue candy melts, let them cool, then toss with the rest of your ingredients.

Bring a little Tatooine cuisine to your party with blue Bantha milk, just like Luke drinks in Episode IV! All it takes is a couple drops of blue food coloring per cup of milk. Turn this beverage into something a bit more substantial by blending with frozen bananas to make blue smoothies or using it to make vanilla pudding.

Fun Activities for a Star Wars Party!

Want to have the most amount of fun at your Star Wars party for the least amount of money? All you’ll need is one pool noodle for every two kids and a roll of duct tape! Use a bread knife to cut the pool noodles in half, then wrap the bottom six inches of each with duct tape to make a super easy (and safe!) light saber.  Send those kids outside to wail on each other with them while you catch your breath.  Turn this into a more organized activity by having an adult (or older sibling) lead the guests in light saber/fencing lessons.

Take the lessons a step farther by turning your party into a Jedi knight training academy! Any kind of obstacle course will work to get those Jedis active—tubes to crawl through, logs to jump over, whatever you have. Stuck inside? Tape paper streamers so they criss-cross a hallway and have the guests carefully work their way through without disturbing the “lasers.”

Once the kids are good and wound up, it’s time to bring out the Darth Vader piñata! Every party is more fun with a piñata, and it’s even more fun to smash one that’s shaped like a villain.

Looking for an activity that’s a little more “chill”? Freeze Hans Solo in carbonite, then let the kids free him! Out of carbonite? Ice will work too. Place a Hans Solo figurine in a container that leaves plenty of extra space around him, fill with water, then freeze. (Do this well in advance, particularly if your container is large!) At party time, take the ice block outside and let kids go to work with small tools, lukewarm water, or just their natural ingenuity to set him free.

Star Wars Party Favors

Looking for favor ideas to fill gift bags or that Darth Vader piñata? Try temporary Star Wars tattoos, small easy reader Star Wars books, and pages of stickers, or check out our large assortment of party favors in store.

We hope this helps you a plan a Star Wars birthday party that’s just right for your special kid!  Good luck, and may the Force be with you!