When it’s time to throw a birthday party for your favorite little LEGO Friends fan, we’ve got you covered.  From decorations to food and drink to games and crafts, we have LEGO Friends themed ideas your kid will love!

Decorations for a LEGO Friends Party

Turn your home into Heartlake City with balloons and streamers in pink, purple, lime green, and turquoise to match the LEGO Friends!  Use these four colors throughout your party for a cohesive color scheme.  Mix up our collection of party solids tableware—purple cups, pink plates, turquoise napkins, etc.—for a table setting with a custom LEGO Friends look.

LEGO Friends Themed Snacks and Drinks

Serve pink lemonade to coordinate with your party colors, or get your crafty on and turn juice boxes into LEGO bricks by covering them in paper (pink, purple, lime green, or turquoise) and drawing on circles for bumps.

Turn kid-friendly comfort food into impressive birthday party fare by making LEGO sandwiches!  Simply make peanut butter sandwiches, cut off the crusts, cut the bread in half to make rectangles then attach two small circles cut out of bread to the top of each using a little peanut butter or honey. Use circle cutters (found in sets of varying sizes wherever you find cake decorating supplies) to make perfect circles for the bumps. Need to avoid nuts at your LEGO Friends party? Try using hummus instead.

A fruit tray with chunks of fruit in LEGO Friends colors (watermelon, kiwi or honeydew, purple grapes) makes a colorful and healthful addition to your party table.

Make a LEGO Friends Cake and Treats!

Want to make a LEGO Friends birthday cake that will wow your guests?  It’s easier than you might think!  Stack two 9×9 cake layers with icing in between, then attach four cupcakes (rounded tops cut off) to the top with more icing, then ice your whole cake in pink, purple, lime green, or turquoise.  Voila!  You have a cake that looks like a LEGO Friends brick.

For easy to serve treats, start with sugar cookies cut into squares or rectangles, then ice them in LEGO Friends colors and place matching M&Ms on top for bumps. (If your party is in the spring, stock up on Easter M&Ms to get the right colors! If not, you can order M&Ms in any color with a little advance planning.)

Don’t have the time or inclination to bake edible LEGO bricks? Just order cupcakes with icing colors from your LEGO Friends party palette. To fancy them up, you can make LEGO brick shaped candies to place on top using candy melts and a LEGO brick shaped silicone mold.

LEGO Friends Party Activities and Crafts

The easiest activity for any LEGO party is often also the favorite—pour your LEGOs onto a table or designated space on the floor and set up a free building station. Include plenty of LEGO Friends mini-figures!

Get kids moving with a game of LEGO tube racing! Buy lengths of 1” wide, 10’ long clear plastic tubing from a home improvement store, then cut them in half to make 5’ lengths of tubing. Have the birthday kid help out beforehand by sorting out piles of 1x LEGOs (the ones that are one bump wide). Divide the guests into teams of two and give each team one length of tubing and a cup of 1x LEGOs. The goal is to pass the LEGOs through the tubing as quickly as possible.  Each kid holds one end of the tubing while one partner drops the LEGOs into the tube one by one, then they wiggle the tubing to get the LEGOs out the other end. The first team to transfer all their LEGOs wins.

Got a crafty kid? Use fabric paint and LEGO bricks to decorate t-shirts, tote bags, or whatever else you want to use for make and takes. To make stamps, stack a few LEGOs—the one on the bottom will make the print, and the ones on top will serve as a handle. Use a foam brush to apply pink, purple, lime green, or turquoise fabric paint to the base of the bottom LEGO, then stamp away. Stamp LEGOs into the shape of a heart or butterfly for a great LEGO Friends themed craft.

Every party is more fun with a piñata! Check out our butterfly and heart-shaped piñatas in the store to coordinate with your LEGO Friends theme.

LEGO Friends Party Favors

To make impressive LEGO Friends party favor bags, buy gift bags in your party colors, then cut circles from matching paper to glue on for bumps. Fill them with small build sets, bouncy balls, plastic jewelry in pink or purple, or anything heart or butterfly shaped.

Have fun throwing a LEGO Friends party your kid will love!  Stop by our store to pick up your party decorations, tableware, gift bags, piñata, and party favors.

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