legoblockpartyDo you live with a LEGO enthusiast and an endless collection of LEGO bricks? Scoop some of those LEGO bricks off the floor and put them to good use at a LEGO birthday party!

For the biggest impact, limit your color palette to traditional LEGO primary colors—red, yellow, and blue. Block Party party supplies are a great start. Then coordinate with red, yellow, and blue. Use paper streamers, Block Party Dizzy Danglers, bunting, and balloons in primary colors to set a festive backdrop for your party. For extra fun, use a black Sharpie to draw a simple mini figure smiley face on yellow cups or use Block Party Paper or Plastic Cups.

Decorations for a LEGO Party
Get out that big bin of mixed-up LEGOs and start building some decorations! Chances are your child would love to help. Spell out the birthday kid’s name with LEGOs (or DUPLOs, if your child is small or you’re pressed for time) and display it beside the birthday cake. You can also build boxes without tops to hold utensils, napkins, or other party supplies. Dress up your cake table with a Block Party Table Cover and napkins.

A Great LEGO Cake!
Looking to make your own LEGO-themed birthday treat? To make a cake that resembles a LEGO brick, use a square or rectangular pan to make the base (use two layers for the best proportions) and a muffin pan to make cupcakes for the bumps. Cut off the rounded tops of the cupcakes before attaching them to the base cake with icing, then ice the whole cake. LEGO brownies are another option: cut brownies into rectangles, top with colorful icing, then add matching M&Ms for the bumps. You can also use a silicone mold of LEGO bricks or mini-figures and candy melts to make LEGO-shaped candies to put on top of cupcakes. Use store-bought cupcakes here for a quick option!

Food and Snacks for a LEGO Themed Party
Easily dress up juice boxes to look like LEGO bricks by wrapping them in construction paper and drawing on circles for the bumps. Treats in primary colors, like M&Ms are a fun treat. Cut up pineapple, cantaloupe, and watermelon in rectangles for a fun and healthy snack. Sandwiches cut into rectangles or pizza with mini pepperoni are creative ways to add a more substantial food.

Fun Party Activities and Games for a LEGO Party
LEGOs lend themselves well to party activities that are as simple or as involved as you like. For a super simple party, pour some LEGOs on a table and have a free-building station. If you want to go all out, impress your kid’s friends with a race car building station. (Make sure you have plenty of wheels!) Guests can build their own cars and then race them down a ramp made from plywood with boards separating the lanes.

LEGO Themed Party Favors
Party favors will look great in gift bags made to look like LEGO bricks. Buy gift bags in solid primary colors, use a 2” circle punch to cut matching construction paper, then glue them on for bumps. Not feeling that crafty? Block Party Loot Bags are ready to go. Fill with a bag of LEGOS, small build set, or a LEGO mini figure or mini figure keychain. Add coloring sheets, LEGO temporary tattoos, and primary color gum balls or other yummy treat.

We hope you have a blast planning your LEGO birthday party! We carry Block Party products in our store and have many items in primary colors to help make planning your perfect LEGO party easy.

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