So your little gamer wants a Minecraft birthday party, but you don’t know a creeper from an enderman? No problem! Our Minecraft party guide will help you throw a Minecraft birthday party your kid will be thrilled with, even if you’re still not quite sure what the game’s all about.

Minecraft Party Decorations

Set a color scheme of medium green, light green, and black to match those pesky creepers and make anyone between the ages of 5 and 15 think “Minecraft.” Place bunches of balloons in these colors around your party space for a festive look. Got a Sharpie and a few extra minutes?  Draw some creeper faces on some of those green balloons.

Check out our Party Solids tableware for square plates in medium green, light green, and black for your Minecraft themed birthday party.

Delight the kids with a giant Minecraft spider on the wall! Use two black balloons for the head and body and black streamers for the legs.

Want to make a giant, super impressive wall decoration? Buy square paper plates in medium green, light green, and black, and attach them to the wall (with tacks, poster putty, or 3M strips) in the shape of a creeper face. Our line of Party Solids tableware will work great for this! If you have a level, use it to mark out a straight horizontal line to start—you’ll be glad you did.

Healthy Minecraft Themed Party Food!

It’s easy to set up a snack buffet that will impress your Minecraft-obsessed guests! There are several kinds of food within the game, and (bonus!) they’re even pretty healthful. Print out labels with pictures of each food from the game (a quick Google search should get you there) and set out bowls of the following: Golden Apple (slices of Golden Delicious), Bread (rolls), Carrot (baby carrots), Watermelon (in slices or cubes), Fish (Goldfish crackers), and Baked Potato (Tater Tots).

Other Minecraft items you can turn into snacks include green grapes for slimeballs (mmm!) and blue JELL-O cut into cubes for water. Really, anything cut into cubes or squares can pass for Minecraft-themed party food.  Put out cheese cubes, cut sandwiches into squares, or make a square pizza.  Let your kid use pepperoni to make a face like a creeper, enderman, or other favorite character from the game on the pizza. They know this stuff.

An Easy Minecraft Cake Option

Making an awesome Minecraft cake doesn’t have to be hard! Make a chocolate sheet cake, top with chocolate icing and green jimmies, and cut into single serving size squares. Know what that makes? Your kid does. They’re grass blocks!

If you’ve got a little more time and a steady hand, make cupcakes with green icing and use black decorating gel to draw on creeper faces!

Games and Crafts for a Minecraft Party

Amaze the kids with a TNT explosion! Fresh out of TNT? Try a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and Mentos instead. Wrap the bottle to look like a TNT block from Minecraft, then drop in the Mentos and watch the eruption! They will LOVE IT. Take pictures.

A Minecraft mask craft can work for all ages. Begin with squares of poster board with Popsicle sticks glued on for handles, and have squares of paper in a variety of colors ready for kids to glue on. Younger kids may enjoy the process more than the end result, and older kids can try to make masks that look like themselves.

Minecraft graphics lend themselves well to Perler Bead projects! Print out some design sheets for kids to reference as they place the tiny plastic beads on a pegboard to make Minecraft items, then have an adult iron them to fuse the beads together. Hotglue a pin to the back for a fun make and take craft.
Buy a bag of plastic gemstones and let your guests “mine” for them in the sandbox! Turn it into a more organized game by assigning point values to each color.

Every party is more fun with a piñata! Pick up our treasure chest piñata to go with your Minecraft theme.

Is your kid going to scoff at the idea of having a Minecraft party and not playing Minecraft? If it’s a small party of fellow Minecraft enthusiasts, have guests bring their own tablets with Minecraft installed—up to five people can play Minecraft Pocket Edition in the same world on a local network.

Minecraft Party Favors

For Minecraft themed party favors, buy green gift bags and glue on creeper faces cut from black construction paper. (This is a great job for the birthday kid!) DIY creeper shirts make a super party favor! Buy green t-shirts (just a few bucks at craft stores) and iron on a black creeper face. Fill gift bags (or the piñata) with plastic gems like the kind you may have hidden in the sandbox, temporary tattoos, stickers, pencils, and other small gifts.

Have a great time planning your Minecraft party, and enjoy your new reputation as a super cool parent!